Thursday, 16 August 2007

Is there a purpose to life

heck, there's more than one.

I change mine more often than my underwear (so that's twice a year)


Anonymous said...

Toadee! Shame on you! Toads should change their underwear at least every month!!!

So...what is the current purpose to your life?

Toadee said...

I always say there's no point changing until what you're wearing is dirty!

my current purpose?

I guess it's to discover my true purpose or even a false one that's reasonably convincing

Anonymous said...

Ah...I can never quite put a finger on who you are.

I would have thought that you'd be a frequent changer of underwear.

Toadee said...

OK I admit it I am a drequent changer

Anonymous said...

Oh good! I like you *much* better now!! :-)

So...don't be upset with me please!!

Toadee said...

I'm not upset, you have every right to say yuk to bad hygiene !

jadey said...

There is always lots of purposes and inspirations so enjoy and live life to its fullest.