Friday, 3 August 2007

help us out here

take some time to give the church your vote of confidence, if it wins the prize will be donated to cancer research

do it now!


MsRose said...

Toadee-Today I found out my cousin's friend's little girl has liver cancer and they are checking to see if it has spread to her pancreas. #1 -please pray for her and her family.
#2 - I think your blog is wonderful and wish there were more out there so giving as you are.
God Bless

Toadee said...

Of course I'll pray for her and her family, I hope many people do.

I am so lucky that my family and I have been spared the terror of cancer but it is indiscriminate and we don't know what tommorrow brings. Every time I hear of someone who has received a diagnosis I imagine if it were me or one of my family. It's not hard to give then and all these people do have families who are suffering with them, I long for the day when this particular siffering is a bad memory and cancer can be treat and cured every time.

MsRose said...

Thank You. I agree on the continuing hope for a cure. Too many people have passed on due to Cancer. It is a tough decision while I believe that God has a plan and takes people for a reason. On the other hand, If God wasn't ready to take them, they should be given a chance to live longer and healthier.

Anonymous said...

I voted today, and what a good thing you are doing, Toadee!