Sunday, 13 June 2010

Take your pick

When you follow a religion you accept the rules of that religion and adhere to it's values and in return you get to enjoy the privileges of your chosen faith (such as extra days off, presents and banquets).
By embracing all religions the church of the terminally bemused is rather like a cross tariff phone retailer we can offer a selection of benefits in a purpose built package taking what suits you from across the board without tying you to any binding contracts.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

One world

How often do we hear the term 'one world' or 'the global village'. Many faiths, churches, religions, sects etc embrace this concept and many of them have very clever, noble reasons for doing so. It is, as has been said, all good.
Well, we are not going to be left out, we believe in the one world thingy and indeed our origins were trans-global. We like embracing things (mainly people but ideas too) and we have even come up with our very own rationale over an above having more friends.

In this world of ours there are many cultures, numerous sub-groups, lots of locally held beliefs and superstitions so it stands to reason that if we embrace them all we have far more chance of celebrating one that we really like. Whenever I feel lonely or down I only have to remember that, somewhere in my global village, it is snog a middle aged library worker day and that I have every right to share in the celebration.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

that prayer thingy

people are quite fond of prayer, they do it a lot and for all sorts of reasons and if they're not praying they're meditating or something.
As I may have mentioned before (but probably not because I'm just making this up) this church doesn't have a policy on prayer or meditation, this is mainly due to the fact that we don't understand much and we do rather like to go to the pub instead of making out heads hurt with too much thinking.
What we do understand is that prayer and meditation are a way of focusing thought, some people believe that these thoughts,words, positive vibes etc can be sent to a deity and I'm not arguing BUT even if you don't believe in deities focused thought is beneficial. If I say to you I'm sorry that you're having a bad time, I'm going to pray for you and you don't believe in 'prayer' you are still left knowing that I'm thinking about you or your issue and that is positive, a bit like a verbal hug.

I do talk bull don't I?