Saturday, 7 May 2011

On going down

We should never be afraid to go down every now and again because the world is full of mountains and valleys and there is beauty in both.

If we don't now how it feels to be down we can never really appreciate being up and if we never fail we can never fully enjoy success.

Here at the CTB we want to celebrate every victory and every success but we want those victories to be real, we don't like being robbed of our success by manipulated results and low 'everyone wins' standards. Let's have a level playing field and fair competition so that we have to perform at our best rather than at the level of the lowest common denominator and our success has some meaning.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Down to earthedness

Been hearing some strange things of late so now is a good time to make clear that this church doesn't believe that our destiny is controlled by aliens, superbeings or any other strange creature. We believe in proper things like the strength in a hug and the power of a smile. We believe that we all play a part in the lives of those we encounter and we can all decide whether we are going to be positive or negative. We also believe that if you can't say something constructive or nice then you should shut the f**k up

Friday, 7 January 2011

you don't get this just anywhere

some belief systems tell us that you only live once (unless you're James Bond), others would have us believe that we will live again but on a different plane or in a different form.
Have you spotted the common problem? most of them require you to die first.

We don't really like that, life is good, life is fun etc sooooooo
here at the CTB we are offering a special, call in here and you can collect a new life when ever and as often as you like, it's yours for the taking, you don't need to sign anything and you don't have to give anything (donations are still welcome)