Wednesday, 21 April 2010

There's something missing

Actually there are lots of things missing, the main one being followers\members\enquirers but on this particular occasion I am referring to special days. Other churches have them whether they call them saint's days, feast days, holidays they have days where people do stuff or are excused from doing stuff or do stuff and then get excused for doing it.
We need this structure! Well no we don't need it, we just want it because we feel left out (hope no-one minds me saying 'we' I know I'm pretty much alone here but it makes me feel better).

Hence forth 24th April will be 'Laugh at a policeman day' because for years we have had to endure songs about, and animated models of, laughing policemen. Those who live in countries where the penalty for laughing at a policeman may laugh at English policemen by e-mail or may laugh at a picture of a policeman in private.
Please note, it is not necessary to do the laughing 'in the officers face' as it were and distance laughing is allowed.


Jingle said...

cool thinking!
Best wishes on everything!

Jingle said...

Some May awards,
Happy Sunday!