Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I would like to share a couple of thoughts which came upon me separately today but which fit with a major tenet of this church.
Firstly, I was re-reading a poem which I wrote to read at the memorial service for my favourite uncle which let me to consider how often one hears the same thing at funerals 'if only I'd told him\her or 'if only I'd visited' We are very good at being too late and we are not terribly good at talking about feelings (ok, I'M NOT, well I am english after all, and male)
Secondly, a point made by 'anonymous' on my honest box on facebook. the word love has been corrupted so it no longer seems ok to love a friend, especially if it's two men because 'love' is too closely identified with romance\sex.

I have a bit of a love\hate relationship with honesty box but at the moment I like it and it can be a great tool for expressing feelings you're not entirely comfortable with expressing openly.
Another tool I like to use is www.loveaboutyou.com (another facebook orientated app) where you can say nice things about your facebook friends.
Basically, I aim to tell people that they are special now and again, be more up front with my appreciation and certainly not wait until someone is dead before i realise I quite like them. I would appreciate people taking the same tack with me :) PLEASE

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