Friday, 27 July 2007


the church isn't hierarchical and doesn't have a focus for worship, it is more of a fellowship where we can come together and be puzzled.

To join the community you only have to ask!


Anonymous said...

Well, then....sign me up, please!

Chloe (who knows the Duke of York)

Toadee said...

perhaps there should be some sort of mystical rite on joining but it would probably cost money so consider yourself joined.

you are honoured to know such a grand old man

Anonymous said...

Really...there should be a mystical rite! All the churches have something.

I mean...there should at least be a confirmation or altar call with Brother Toadee, right?

Or, prick our fingers and join hands round the campfire and chant?

Do I even get a membership card that I can print off?

Just want to keep you on your toes!!

p.s. I really hate the thought of pricking my finger! Please choose something else. :-)

Toadee said...

there will be no finger pricking in this church.

I am working on some sort of official ID so be patient.

and I have to be on my toes because I'm only little

Anonymous said...

Little toads are the cutest toads!

Plus, I'm 5'1". You are probably quite tall to me!

Toadee said...

oh wow!

I'm taller than someone!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Don't rub it in! I like to imagine that I am 5'10"!! *sobbing*

Toadee said...

sorry Chloe but you have to understand this is a rare situation for me