Tuesday, 31 July 2007

an except from the early days of the church

An early pondering.....

As you go about your daily life in pursuit of happiness, money, companionship or just survival consider the challenges that face you, appreciate the intricate layering of cause and effect, the infinite possibilities that will spring from your every action or inaction. as your head begins to heat up start to repeat the following manta quietly to yourself (best done on public transport) 'sod it, I'm of to the pub, sod it I'm of to the pub' etc
NB feel free to insert your own explicates and venue according to local custom and practice just try to preserve the essential message there-in

brought forth a query........

Took your advice and chanted the mantra whilst on the bus.....Yep! I missed my stop! I also had a bit of difficulty because I only drink water. What is the meaning of this experience grand master? Is it because I would have been run over if I had gotten off the bus at my stop? or is it the fact that I got stuck in the lotus position and couldn't get up quick enough to pull the bell? this mystery is tormenting me to the point that I am sitting here at 4.24am pondering it all? Plese advise me for I am lost.

leading to further exploration of the issue.......

Dawn, my child, your question, like you, is shrouded in mysteries. Examine your heart (you may need a skilled surgeon to help) and your answer will come unto you. Ask yourself, did I really miss my stop, did my stop miss me, is it still missing me and should I go back and give it a hug. Perhaps your tangled limbs were a message that you should explore more, perhaps they were telling you to sit sensibly on public transport. I know not the truth and, though I love my children,my ignorance doesn't bother me at all (that is soooo liberating). Please modify your personal mantra until it feels comfortable e.g. sod it I'm of to the tap.

which drove away the questioner........

Again I took your advice; I went unto the main street from whence I missed my stop. I Gleefully, and with a full heart hugged the bus stop...Then i was arrested for pole dancing mid town. But I gave it my best shot! I also modified the mantra to "Sod it I'm off to the tap" and was arrested for beligerance to a very large police man, who hard of hearing thought I'd told him to "Sod Off, you're full of crap!" SO again Grand Master I ask that you enlighten me as to why you're laughing so much at my misfortune? Or is that question just too deep for me to understand the answer? It wouldn't surprise me y'know. The reason I am shrouded in mystery is because I was a leper in a previous life, and I failed my driving test because I left my foot on the clutch...Literally! Since that happened, i've worn my shroud so that I wouldn't be recognised, and thrown into a wind tunnell only to come out the other end as a pizza! Well Grand Master, I honour you and leave you in peace, and please don't use the pun that as I leve you in peace, you leave me in pieces. Thank you for your ears, I lost mine many years ago.

why do people never stay? *sob*

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